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Thank you all for the success of this website. We have started Krishna Pushkaralu section also.

Welcome to Godavari Maha Pushkaralu 2015

Godavari Pushkaram (పుష్కరాలు) will start on 14th July 2015. This year's 'Pushkarams' are called 'Maha Kumbhamela'. godavari matha

This 'Maha Kumbhamela' comes once every 144 years.

There are 24 days in a 'Pushkaram'. The first 12 days (14th July 2015 to 25th July 2015) of Pushkaram is called 'Aadi Pushkaram' and last 12 days is called 'Anthya Pushkaram'.

Why dip at Rajahmundry in Godavari Pushkarams ?

The Godavari originates near Nasik in Maharashtra. It flows for 1,465 kilometres, first eastwards across the Deccan Plateau then turns southeast, entering the West Godavari district and East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, until it splits into two watercourses that widen into a large river delta and flow into the Bay of Bengal. So many sub rivers merged to the Godavari till Papikondalu ( Papi Hills) near Rajahmundry. But after Papikondalu The River called as "Akhanda Godavari"(అఖండ గోదావరి). So at Rajahmundry the river is more sacred and powerful. Read More