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About Pushkarams

India is a country of innumerable sacred rivers and rivulets. Such rivers have become Theerthas. The Theerthas have the reputation of washing away the sins of the sinners.
The most important sacred rivers of North India are the Ganga, the Yamuna, the mythical Saraswathi and the Brahamaputra. The notable rivers flowing in the South India are the Godavari, the Krishna, the Narmada, the Tungabahdra, the Tambrapani and the Cauveri.
The rivers that flow into the Sea have the distinction of being called the Mahanadis. The Godavari is a Mahanadi and it has a sacred history in the Puranas. It has also got the fame of being called the Saptha Godavari as it merges with the sea in seven streams. In the Telengana region the Godavari is considered as the Ganga. The Skanda Purana contains an elaborate account of the holiness of the Godavari.
From the Heaven to the Earth
The great sage Gouthama who was an ardent Shiva Bhaktha performed a rigorous penance in "Pattisam" in AP, South India and brought down to the earth the Tripathaga lodged in the tresses of Lord Shiva. This spot on earth is called Triambaka which is the origin of the Godavari. It is a pilgrim center and is in Nasik district of Maharastra. From here, the Godavari meanders into Andhra Pradesh.
“Saptha Godavaram Theertham Sarva Theerthottamam”
Renowned sages have opined that among all the Theerthams the saptha Godavari Theertham is the best. The Godavari after leaving the territory of Maharastra, flows through the Districts of Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Adilabad, Khammam, Warangal, West & East Godavari Districts of Andhra Pradesh. The river branches into seven streams at Rajamahendravaram in East Godavari District and merges with the Eastern Sea at Antharvedi. The Manjira and the Sabiri are the tributaries of the Godavari.
The importance of Pushkarams
Though there are innumerable rives in India, only twelve of them have a unique stature of their own, the celebration of the Pushkarams. The Pushkarams occur according o the transition of the planet Brihaspathi into various Rasis, as follows
1. The Ganga Mesha Rasi
2. The Narmada Vrishaba Rasi
3. The Saraswathi Mithunam Rasi
4. The Yamuna Karkataka Rasi
5. The Godavari Simham Rasi
6. The Krishna Kanya Rasi
7. The Cauveri Tula Rasi
8. The Bhimarathi Vrischikam Rasi
9. The Brahamaputra Dhanush Rasi
10.The Tungabhadra Makaram Rasi
11. The Sindhu Khumbham Rasi
12. The Pranahitha Meenam Rasi