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Thank you all for the success of this website. We have started Krishna Pushkaralu section also.

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Godavari pushkaram is a festival of River Godavari which occurs once in 12 years.

The pushkaram festival last held in the year 2003. The next festival, Godavari Pushkaram is in 2015 starts on 14th July and ends on 25th July.

This year Pushkarams is Called Maha kumbhamela. maha kumbhamela occurs once in 144 years.

The first 12 days of Godavari pushkaram is called Aadhi pushkaram and the last 12 days of Godavari pushkaram is called Anthya pushkaram.

These 24 days are very pious to devotees, as Pushkaradu travels during these days.

The special Pushkaram website has been launched by the Hyderabad based Sri5 Technologies for providing services to the piligrims.

The is providing services to the piligrims who are coming to participate in Pushkaralu and NRI piligrims who are unable to particpate.

The website providing online booking facility of Poojas and Homas to those who are unable to attend Pushkaralu. During the Pushkara period daily poojas and homas are organised. Prasadam will be distributed to the local address in India which was given by the NRI Piligrims. For more details, one can visit: